Benefits of Getting Professional Painting Services. If you need to paint your home or business, your first thought may be that you can simply do it yourself. You’ll save money, and it can’t be that hard, right? Once you get into it, though, you may realize just how much of a task painting a room or the exterior of a building is, especially if you’ve never done it before. A small part in a room may not seem that bad, but then you realize how much time it takes. You have to empty the room, put down tarps to protect the floor, and tape around the baseboards, windows, and door frames. You have to take the covers off outlets and light switches, and you have to remove any fixtures built into the walls. All of that before you even start painting. If you’re working on your retail space, interior commercial painting can take even more work and effort. 

That’s why using painter services is so helpful. These experts handle all of that, and they do so quickly. They know what it takes to paint a space without damaging anything. They also have all of the tools needed to paint rooms and houses. If you don’t have all these tools, you either have to go buy them or figure out some way of using what you have, which can be unsafe. Let’s take a closer look at all of the benefits of using professional painting services for your home and business.


Reasons to Use Residential Painting Services

There are many reasons why you may decide you need to paint some or all of the rooms in your home. Many people repaint when they move in because they dislike the colors the previous owner had. Others repaint when they’re moving out because they want to make the home look like a blank slate. They often paint everything a neutral white or light gray so potential buyers won’t be turned off by colors they dislike. Others may decide that their paint is looking a little dull or that they no longer like the colors they chose, regardless, it’s a lot of work.


They Protect Your Rooms

Your professional painters will be able to take a lot of this work off your hands. While you’ll still need to move anything fragile out of the rooms, they can often move your large furniture for you. Once the room is empty, they handle all of it. They cover the floors and carefully tape everything down. If there’s anything they can’t move out of the room for whatever reason, they will make certain it’s fully covered so no paint gets on it. They will also help you with removing blinds, curtains, and other window dressings. 


You Save Money and Space

A residential painter usually buys tarps, tape, and other items in bulk from suppliers, so they typically get much better prices than you would. They also have use for the tools they buy, where you might not need them again for years. If you bought all of this, you’d either have to store it for years before getting any use out of it or get rid of it later, which can feel like a waste of money. 


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Don’t Worry About Mistakes

The professionals who work for JLM Painting have years of experience. They know how to carefully paint around windows, baseboards, ceilings, crown molding, and other items in a room that shouldn’t be painted. They have very steady hands, and even if they do make a small mistake or paint drips somewhere, they know how to quickly clean it up so that no trace remains. When they’re done, the room will look perfect.


They Know Paint and Paint Options

Some people know exactly what color and sheen they want. They know how to tell the difference between eggshell, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss. Others, though, may not be sure what they want in a space. That’s okay, that’s why you work with experienced JLM Painting. They can help you determine the right shade and sheen to use in a space. They can help you find the right type of paint to brighten up a dark room or add a touch of pizzazz to a dull space.


Painter Services for the Exterior of Your Home

Painting the outside of your home is a major undertaking. You need to power wash everything and make certain the siding and other materials are in good condition. You may even have to apply special brick primers and other products before painting. This is why it’s very important to hire a residential painter who has experience with exteriors. They know all the tricks to make the outside of your home look amazing. They also have all the ladders, scaffolding, and other things needed to paint a two-story home safely. The last thing you want is to fall off the ladder and hurt yourself while painting your home.


HOA Regulations

When it comes to residential exterior painting, you may have one extra factor to deal with: your neighborhood’s homeowner’s association. The HOA may have specific rules about what colors you can use, and if you use one that isn’t on their approved list, you may have to pay to have the house repainted a second time. You want to be sure the painting company you’re working with understands how HOA regulations work and is using a color they have approved. Remember, just because your home is painted white doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the exact white that the HOA approved. The painter you work with needs to understand the differences and make certain you meet the HOA guidelines.


What Do Commercial Painting Services Offer?

If you own a business, you may need to look into commercial painting services at JLM Painting. These experts can come in and completely change the look of your office, retail space, or other business. One of the biggest benefits to using interior commercial painting experts is the sheer amount of time they can save you. Even if you have a small retail space, there’s more to paint than you might think.


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Painting Interior Commercial Spaces

Often, interior commercial painting requires a lot more work than painting rooms in a house. In offices, there are a lot of small offices and storage rooms that must be painted in addition to the larger conference rooms and reception area. Like with rooms in a home, all of these spaces have to be emptied, have the floor covered, and have all the trim and other areas taped down. 


Interior commercial painting in offices can take much longer than it might appear at first, even for smaller offices. You may also need to have the ceiling painted, especially if you’re renovating an older space that has been empty for a while. Then there are the hallways, restrooms, and other spaces you may not immediately think of. However, to impress your customers and keep your employees happy, you’ll want to give everything a fresh coat of paint. 


Painting Large Spaces

For large retail spaces, there may be fewer walls, but they’re typically much larger. Think of a supermarket. The largest part of this type of retail space is typically a giant rectangle, but the walls can be several hundred feet long. That’s a lot of space. The benefit of using commercial painting services here is that they typically have large crews. They can bring in dozens of workers and have the entire place painted in just a few days. If you tried to do that with a few friends or employees, it could take you over a week. 


Complete Your Renovation on Time

If you need to have your renovation done quickly, you’re going to need to bring in as many experts as possible. By hiring commercial painting contractors, you’re free to work on other parts of the building. Your commercial painter will give you a realistic timetable and, unless there are any major unexpected issues, will meet that deadline. When it comes to a business, time is truly money. You don’t want to have to delay your opening due to being behind schedule on painting. By hiring experts, you won’t need to worry about things going wrong.


They Do Exteriors, Too

Interior commercial painting is just half of the job. You also need the outside of your space to look refreshed. Like with HOAs, a good commercial painter will know of any city codes that could restrict your paint colors. They also know the right way to paint various surfaces, so there is no trial and error to the process. It will be done correctly the first time with no mistakes. 


JLM Painting Offers Professional Painter Services in North Bay

If you need your home or commercial space painted, JLM Painting is here for you. We have years of experience in painting the interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses. Whether you just need one room done or want the entire exterior of a large office building painted, you can count on us. We’re one of the top Petaluma painting Contractors, and we’re ready to put our experience to work for you. Contact us today at 707-782-3652.


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