Finding the right painters for your home or business requires a little more than simply going online and doing a quick search. You want to be sure you’re hiring professional painters who will not only do a great job but also use quality materials, stick to your budget, and complete the project on time. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring painters to do one room, the entire exterior of your house, or your new business space—you want the end result to look amazing without costing you a lot of money. If you’re looking for professional painters in Sonoma County or want to know what to expect from professional painters, here are some tips.


Many People Start Online

Today, the first place many people start their search for professional painters is online. They will go to websites such as Google and do a basic search for “professional painters near me.” This often returns a lot of results, so you will want to add keywords to narrow down your search. You may find it helps to include terms such as “indoor” or “exterior.” You’ll want to do some research into the companies that come up. After checking their website, you may want to search for their social media pages or read some Google Business reviews.  You can also read through review websites like Yelp to see what options you have and how well-rated they are.

Of course, if you prefer more old school methods, there are still plenty of painters listed in the Yellow Pages or that advertise in local newspapers. If you see a painting company’s van or sign, take down their name and number. You might be able to find information about them online, plus you can always call and ask for information.


Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is still a very viable way of finding painters. Ask your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else you know, especially if you know that they’ve recently hired painters. While online reviews can be helpful, there’s always the risk that those reviews were written by friends of the company or were actually paid reviews. Even negative reviews can be paid for by competitors, so always take online reviews with a grain of salt.

In-person reviews or recommendations, however, are often more honest, especially if you know the person. You can also ask them specific questions, something that’s not always possible with online reviews. If they’re a friend or relative, you may even be able to go to their home and see the work the painter did yourself.

If you’re on social media, you can also ask for referrals this way. Your online friends may be able to tag their friends or family members who have used a painter, so you may get more recommendations this way. You can ask for recommendations on community sites, too. It’s never a bad thing to have multiple recommendations or have several people weigh in on the same painter.

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Evaluate the Painter

Once you have a few different options, it’s time to evaluate them. Not all professional painters are equal. You may find some are highly rated for their internal painting but aren’t as good on their external work. Others may be very timely and do great work but push your budget too much. You’ll need to fully evaluate all aspects of a potential painter before you hire one. Here are some of the areas you’ll want to compare:


Do They Do the Type of Painting You Need?

The answer to this question can help quickly eliminate potential companies. If you need someone to paint your office or retail space, any company that strictly does residential properties is out. They’re not going to be able to do what you need.


Do They Work in Your Area?

You may find some great professional painters online only to discover that they don’t actually travel to your city. Again, this is another easy way to eliminate some options.


How Much Experience Do They Have?

While there’s nothing wrong with taking a chance on a new company if they seem trustworthy, experience is certainly important. Ask about the company’s history, how many people they have on their team, and what previous projects they’ve worked on. This can give you an idea of how well they will be able to complete your project.


Do They Offer Free Estimates?

Professionals should offer you a free painting estimate with no strings attached. If you’re asked to pay for an estimate, reconsider using the company. Also, be sure to ask what the estimate includes. It should include the cost of painting materials, labor, and anything else the painter will charge for. It’s also best if you can get the estimate in person instead of trying to provide measurements and other information over the phone.


Are They Licensed?

Professional house painters should have the proper licenses and other paperwork necessary to provide services in your area. This should include any insurance as well. Be very careful working with a painter who isn’t registered as a legitimate business. It can be a costly mistake. For example, if the company doesn’t have insurance and one of their workers is injured on your property, you could be liable for their medical bills.


What’s Their Timetable?

When can the painter start on your job? How long do they estimate it will take? If you’re on a specific deadline, you want to make certain they can meet it. If they’re painting the exterior of your house, ask them about how any incoming bad weather could impact the timetable.


Can They Accommodate Any Special Requests?

Do you have any special requests or unusual things to be painted? If you’re looking for professional commercial painters for a store or office, you might need them to do a little more than put down primer and a paint color. Be sure you ask about these extras when you’re getting an estimate. For example, if you live in an HOA, you want painters who understand HOA guidelines and can paint your home the right colors so you don’t get fined.


What Do You Need to Do Prior to Painting?

Ask what you need to do before the crew shows up to paint. Learn how to prep walls for painting, how to prepare the exterior of your home, and what else you’ll need to do before painting can begin.


How Do They Handle Cleanup and Touch-Ups?

After they’re done painting, how does the company handle cleanup? What if they get paint on some of your furniture or flooring? Likewise, be sure you know how they will handle touch-ups. You may find a few spots that were missed or other issues after the paint dries. You need to know what the painter will come back to fix and what, if anything, they charge.

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What Should You Expect from Professional Painters?

When you hire professional house painters, what should you expect from them? Just like any professional, you should expect that they will be on time, complete the job to your satisfaction, and charge you a reasonable price. Beyond that, however, there are a few other things you should expect from professionals you invite into your home. They should do their best to minimize how disruptive their presence is in your home. For example, they shouldn’t constantly bother you with questions or be in parts of the home they’re not painting.

They should also meet with you to do a full walk-through, take measurements, and talk to you about colors, primer, and finishes. They will need to see each room or other area that’s being painted to determine how many coats of primer will be needed and what other extras may be needed. They can help you pick the right paint brand, too, as well as decide on a finish.

In short, the answer to “what to expect from professional painters” is for them to do a quality job that follows the agreed-to schedule and budget. When they leave, you should be happy with the work they did.


Ready to Hire Professional Painters in Sonoma County?

Have you already done a few online searches for “professional painters near me” or have a list of potential painters you might want to call? If so, it’s time to take the plunge and start narrowing down your options. There’s no better time to repaint your home, spruce up a few rooms, or give your business a makeover.

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